Friday, January 31, 2014

Dilbert: Big Data

SAP Business Process Improvement -- Dolphin's Approach

Big Data in 2014

We’re one month into 2014, and many enterprises we work with are now moving full speed ahead to shift their Big Data projects for this year from the planning and proposal stage to actual execution. For the past few years, Big Data has generated an increasing amount of discussion in board rooms, blogs and the IT press. Rightfully so, too. Big Data holds the promise to unlock valuable new insights that can help drive customer sales and grow the bottom line. Read more here:

How SAP Procure-to-Pay Improve Cash Management

SAP Procure-to-Pay can improve cash management in several ways, two of which are: improving Accounts Payable and reducing payment costs. Let’s take a look. Read more here:

How Does SAP Retention Mitigate Risks For Business?

SAP's data retention and archiving tools allow enterprises to more effectively manage their data by moving older data into archives. Not only does this result in leaner databases for day-to-day operations, it also helps organizations mitigate risks associated with regulations, system performance and availability, ever-growing IT costs, and legal discovery. Below are a few ways that SAP retention helps to mitigate risks for business. Read more here:

2014 Predictions for SAP Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has been growing non-stop with start-ups and big players alike offering applications in the cloud. One of the major players has been SAP. What does 2014 hold for SAP cloud computing? Here are a few predictions. Read more here:

Monday, January 13, 2014

Dilbert: Data Breach

Benefits of an Employee-Owned Company

The Big Challenges of Big Data for Oil, Gas

Now that the oil and gas industry has addressed the challenge of storing Big Data – the collection of data sets so large and complex that processing it with traditional data applications is difficult – oil and gas companies are seeking how to leverage Big Data to improve their business strategies. Read more here:

Role of SAP in Business Development

Systems, Applications and products are simply called as SAP. It is one of the largest software development companies. Small and large size industries understand the SAP solutions, are really necessary towards the growth and durability of their business. Read more here:

How Can Business Benefit From SAP Data Encryption?

SAP data encryption is used to encrypt information so that unauthorized users cannot make sense of it. When data is encrypted, only authorized users can access it. Anyone else is shut out completely.

Read more here: