Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A Brief Overview of Order to Cash

The term “order to cash” (sometimes referred to as OTC or O2C) is used to describe one method for analyzing activities within the sales funnel at each stage. Though viable for consumer interactions (retail), it is most commonly used to analyze the sales transactions between companies. Paper-based systems exist, but more than likely a modern business will utilize a computer-based system that automates the process of breaking down and analyzing each stage of a sale. The basic process of receiving, fulfilling, and charging (an order) constitute the stages in order to cash.

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Monday, May 19, 2014

SAP HANA Outperforms Oracle Exalytics/Timesten

Financial institutions, marketing firms, and a host of others in the business of anticipating consumer patterns, depend on rapid analytic platforms to provide insights into their respective industries in lightening speed. The powerhouses behind this analysis were traditional databases, and among them, Oracle has been the leader. But that may be changing, in no small part to arch-rival SAP’s recent unveiling of HANA which allows complex and ad hoc queries of billions of records in seconds versus hours.

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Getting the Most Out Of Your Accounts Payable

Getting the most out of any team requires knowing when, what and to whom to delegate. Getting the most out of any accounting division requires knowing the difference between those functions that require “hands on” and those that don’t. Non-core functions and business processes, such as those within the accounts payable (AP) division, are increasingly being outsourced to protect core functionalities and staff. AP outsourcing (APO) has gone from nascent trend to standard operating procedure, as companies fight to stay solvent and competitive. Taking a proactive approach to minimizing unnecessary costs can enable companies to get a leg up and offer better and more sustainable business value to their customers. 

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Procure To Pay Best Practices

When costs come under the microscope, companies look to more creative cost-saving solutions. The traditional options - streamlining operations and boosting efficiency - are reliable, but they can only be enhanced by looking at a company's purchasing patterns. To profile a company's procurement and accounts payable divisions is an excellent way to better managing the finances of a company, enabling executives to check the pulse of their organization's economic health.

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