Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Business Process Management Benefits

Business process management aligns customer needs with a company’s internal functions, resulting in: improvements in efficiency and productivity, reduced costs, and less risk. BPM also helps organizations optimize their resources and determine how the business is performing.


How Data Lifecycle Management can Control Capacity

Though data lifecycle management has been subject to a great deal of hype and disappointment over the years, it remains a necessary process. Not only is data lifecycle management essential for legal purposes, it can be used to control capacity. This means moving data off of primary and more costly storage systems to cost-effective data archives.


Improving the Order Management Process

Online shopping and intense competition have made order management a critical success factor. Today's businesses tasked with order fulfillment, distribution, or manufacturing need a fast, efficient means of processing orders to compete.


How to Create a Successful Data Archiving Strategy

With massive amounts of data being generated day in, day out, organizations require significant amounts of storage. However, as data accumulates, much of it is not necessary for day-to-day business purposes. Yet, you can't exactly delete it due to both business and legal concerns. That's where data archiving comes in.

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